My favourite thing...

I have always had a real passion for being creative and animation is where I spend much of my time scratching that itch, I have been incredibly lucky to find myself working for companies and clients that have need such a wide range of interesting work produced and have loved the opportunities that I have gained making creatures, films and other bits to keep my fingers busy,

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Zed the Zombie

This was my submission into the D&AD awards in 2011 as a part of my final year, studying animation and digital media. I was fortunate enough to walk away with a win!

The Winter Blossom

Paper craft, Stop-motion animated short

I learned a lot while producing this short film. It was completed using traditional stop-motion techniques, with every asset being created from hand cut paper. 

It also began a love affair for using paper and card as a medium something that I still do whenever I can find an effective way to put it to good use.


Other animation projects

creations that have been used for animated projects